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01 NOV 2011



Sunday, November 13th
The Elbo Room - Chicago
Doors Open @ 7pm
21+ || Pre-sale Tickets $12

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Other acts performing:




See you at the show! Don't forget to visit our official Facebook Invite

And check out Elbo Room Chicago for more information

03 SEP 2011


We are very excited to announce that Emisis will be working with Tinderbox Music again. On September 20th, Emisis will unleash another massive radio campaign with the new EP "Corporate Renegade", spreading across hundreds of university campuses in the US and Canada. Hungry ears will be fed. In support of this campaign, we are matching the radio play with a tour including several states in the Midwest. You will surely hear when Emisis invades a city near you!

Secondly, Poison Tree Records and Desert Drive Publishing have joined the Emisis team. Poison Tree Records will be providing us with licensing opportunities in TV, Film, Radio and Video Games. Located in Raleigh, NC and Los Angeles, CA, we are excited to see where our music can go on both coasts.

Thank you to everyone that has supported the release of "Corporate Renegade", it has been TREMENDOUS! From purchasing at our store, iTunes or in person, the response has been wild thus far. If you haven't already, check out our Facebook Site and stay tuned for some Emisis mayhem in the coming months!

10 AUG 2011


After much work, patience and perseverance
, Emisis is proud to announce that their 3rd EP is now available to the public. We fe
el this is our strongest release to date and are excited to embark on many opportunities that lay ahead with this album at the helm. Please take a listen to the site music player and let us know what you think. Vote for which track you like best and write us a message!
"Corporate Renegade" is available at our online
Store right now. You can also check out our iTunes Store for purchase of one or all tracks.

Many thanks to all of our fans, friends and family that have helped support Emisis and the making of "Corporate Renegade" over the past several months and have been extremely patient. As always, without you, Emisis would not be the band it is today.

Now - go buy the new EP, learn the songs and sing them until your throat hurts. After that, bring your skills to one of our shows and party with the boys. Stay tuned for new show dates, some real awesome opportunities and news, our college tour starting August 30th and most importantly - enjoy "Corporate Renegade"

- The Emisis Boys

13 JULY 11

The time is almost here, check out our promotional teasers and stay tuned for more until the album release!


22 JUN 11

We have set the mastering date for our third album release "Corporate Renegade" on Sunday, July 24 at Chicago Recording Company.

This will be our strongest release yet; a six-song EP featuring the following tracks (no order set):

Bloody Valentine
Corporate Renegade
Beautiful Toy
Wasted Days

Mastering will be done in Studio 5.

As you can imagine, we are pretty stoked and ready to get new Emisis to YOU! Expect to see the whole album "Corporate Renegade" available on iTunes, our online store and live shows shortly after the mastering process is finished. Also, another college radio campaign will be launced as we have teamed up with Festirecs, a university booking & promotions company, for a 5-state campus tour slated for Fall semester 2011. Great times ahead.

We are currently editing behind-the-scenes studio / mixing video clips, and will include portions of the session at CRC. Stay tuned, and keep your ears hungry ...

~ Emisis ~

05 APR 11

Emisis @ Elbo Room

22 MAR 11

*** Concert Announcement ***


Saturday, May 14th 2011
The Rave || Milwaukee, WI
Cost: $30

Check back soon for more details ... We will be organizing mass-transportation for our local fans in the form of a party bus. Visit us on the Emisis Facebook Fanclub for invitation information. Come party with the boys and make this a night to remember!

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21 MAR 11

Emisis - Corporate Renegade

All footage was shot during the trip to and from MMC15 in Pennsylvania. 20+ hours in a van - rock the show - destroy the town ... the only way Emisis knows how.



20 MAR 11

A quick clip a fan caught of Emisis @ The Thirsty Nickel - SxSW 2011

19 MAR 11

WOW...What a week for Emisis down at the SXSW Festival. We thank you for the support, especially from Tinderbox Music, and came home with great news. Emisis was able to sign a music licensing agreement with six MTV shows for our album "Binge Drinkin."

What does this mean? It means you will be hearing Emisis in the following MTV Network shows by summer 2011: Nitro Circus, Fantasy Factory, Parental Control, MTV News, Moving In and Warren the Ape. Check back very soon for a huge announcement!    

08 MAR 11

Our engineer Matt Langel posted a cool Gig Log from the show over the weekend. Some great info on his new PreSonus mixer and a bit of a teaser toward the end with a new Emisis song crankin'. More to come - enjoy! Gig Log 3-15-2011

06 MAR 11

A good review of us from the Millenium Music Conference in Harrisburg, PA on February 18. Check it out! PennLive Review

02 MAR 11

A huge thanks to all the radio stations that have been spinning our album Binge Drinkin' over the past 6 weeks. We have done great in so many cities and looking forward to releasing our EP in May to do even better. We will be posting links to some of our favoirte stations and DJ crews over the next week or two ... here's the first that has been putting us in heavy rotation since the day they got the album and let us reach #9 on the CMJ charts two weeks in a row. Riddle Radio and Prescott  Arizona rock!

Check 'em out - Riddle Radio

21 FEB 11

The venue for SxSW has changed. We will now be playing at The Thirsty Nickel on Wednesday, March 16 from 6:30-7:30 pm. Come get some...

4 FEB 11

We are working on a new 5-song original EP that will be out by May 2011. This will include the highly popular "Corporate Renegade" and a few new surprises. Keep up with us for details.

7 JAN 11

We are confirmed on this year's South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) at the Dizzy Rooster in Austin, TX on Wednesday March 16. Start getting your travel plans arranged as this will be the biggest show for us yet. http://www.dizzyrooster.com/index.htm. We will be exposed to thousands of record labels and publishers from the entire world. Good stuff!!

24 NOV 10

Check out some great new merchandise at
Cafe Press. We encourage the ladies to try out the pink "boy shorts", we've heard they are comfy.

23 NOV 10

We are teaming up with Tinderbox Music to bring Emisis to the College / Indie radio market. Listen for Emisis on your local College / Indie radio stations by the end of the year. Tinderbox Music is where you can check them out.The launch date is December 7th. Keep your eye on us as there will be several big updates very soon!

20 NOV 10

Check out our account at
iLike.com and leave some love!

20 NOV 10

We won the College News music contest powered by Sonic Bids for early November. College News is a highly popular site among colleges around the world that brings you everything from entertainment to job searches. Check out the article!

01 NOV 10

New music on iTunes!
The new single "Corporate Renegade" is now available on iTunes along with the classic Emisis tunes like "Binge Drinkin'."
here to see our iTunes store.

01 NOV 10

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